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Winter, 2015

Travel Season

It's pretty dissapointing that of the three types of sports that we feature; kiteboarding, windsurfing, and standup paddling, while kiteboarding arguably has the best combination going of being a new, rapidly growing sport, along with being extremely visually exciting (making it perfect for films) there are absolutely no DVDs being produced. Windsurfing and SUP blow doors off kiteboarding in that regard. I don't really understand it. So no new action DVDs to speak of have come out since Big Windy 2-3 years ago.

I do know that the Progression boys are working on a surf instructional DVD in South Africa, but that's still in production. For now their newest one is still Progression Intermediate Part 1 , which fits in perfectly right after Progression Beginner - 2nd Edition, and teaches toeside riding, carving turns, and the ultimate step-up for every new kiter - jumping.

Fat Sand also does it on the land! Check out thier landboarding instructional DVD - Progression Beginner Landboarding. Get your helmet on and go.

If SUP is your thing then check out The SUP Movie. If you recognize the style of the title then you'll figure out that this was done by Poor Boyz Productions, who did The Windsurfing Movie. Shot in the same style, this film follows Kai Lenny and his buddies as they push the sport to the next level. We also havea great one in called Driftwood. It's by Peter Trow, who produced both Surface Tension and Chapped back in the day. This is not your typical film. It was 2 years in the making and is a travel/adventurediary of sorts. It has won several film festival awards.

As I mentioned, the latest and greatest action DVD continues to be - Big Windy, John Bilderback's sequel to his well-received first film - Lines. Big Windy is chock-full of the most awesome wave kiting footage ever. And now, for the first time ever, you can get both Lines and Big Windy on Blu-Ray Disc!!! Another great action film, although a bit colder, is Buster Tronolone's All & All Is All We Are , which is full of great snowkite action.

And, just in case you wanted to try a teensy bit bigger board, try out our standup paddling instructionals: Standup Paddleboarding, by Real Kiteboarding, and Stand Up Paddle Surfing volume 1 and volume 2 by Premier Productions. Get into it!

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Recent News:

The SUP Movie

Poor Boyz and Kai Lenny release: The SUP Movie
to rave reviews. This is a DVD and BluRay Combo!

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cape horn dvd
3 Storms, 10 Sailors, 1 Champion...Insane.
Now available: Red Bull Storm Chase

Great SUP DVD in by windsurf legend Mike Waltze: That First Glide. A feature length documentary film done in stunning HD.
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progression intermediate 1 dvd
Great strapless action from Australia and beyond, by Ryland Blakeney: Broken Water
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windsurfing movie 2 cover
The Windsurfing Movie II is insane. I thought the original couldn't be topped, but I was wrong. We also have the original The Windsurfing Movie back in stock!