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Pro Secrets - Start to Finish

by Sam Ireland

Pro Secrets. Start to Finish is an over 1.5 hour long DVD with the world's top ten in Racing giving away their secrets to how to go fast, tune up, and win on the race course. Its a very insightful video with tips for the intermediate weekend windsurfer all the way to top world cup sailor.

Top Canadian racer Sam Ireland has had a unique backstage pass to unlock his friends and fellow racers winning secrets and capture it on film! The DVD includes scene selection and a printable PDF summarizing the major topics.

Instruction is in the form of tips and advice straight out of the mouths of the top pros themselves. Sam has pieced together hours and hours of footage and interviews in such a way that each sailor gives his or her perspective on each subject, giving you a unique insight into how each person approaches things, and how that may differ from the next guy, depending on their size, weight, sailing style, equipment preference, and the conditions. You will be riveted to every word as Sam has managed to put this video together in such a way that some fairly obscure, complex, and difficult to teach concepts come out very clearly. Many light bulbs will be coming on in your head as you progress through the video. Some of these tips and techniques would otherwise take years to figure out by yourself. It's guaranteed to make you a faster and better sailor no matter who you are or where you sail, and will likely re-spark your interest in racing. Up your game now!

Featured Riders:

Antoine Albeau
Steve Allen
Wojtek Brzozowski
Micah Buzianis
Jimmy Diaz
Sam Ireland
Kevin Pritchard
Finian Maynard
Phil McGain
Robby Naish
Dorota Staszewska

Pro Secrets - Start to Finish - $34.95

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