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Entry Level Kite Camp from Real Kiteboarding

Zero to Hero
Confused about what entry level kiteboarding instructional DVD to get? Look no further, Zero to Hero is here, produced by Real Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the largest and most respected lesson center on the planet. This DVD contains the syllabus to their 3-day entry level kite camp, which was rated one of the top five adventure sports camps in the world by Outside Magazine. You will get the most thorough, cutting edge, and effective instruction translated directly from the Zero to Hero camp to this DVD - with sections on safety and responsibility, wind, trainer kites, flying 4-line and 5-line inflatables, launching, landing, tuning, bodydrags, and board starts...everything to take you from a total zero to a safe and self-sufficient rider. and killer bonus sections

The main program teaches you how to kite, but the bonus sections teach you how to be a kiteboarder. There is a Coaches Tips bonus section, where several Real Coaches, both men and women, sit down to answer a multitude of rapid-fire questions that will help you stay safe while learning to kite and literally cut months off your learning curve. Shop Talk is a comprehensive section that will help you make sense of the board, kite, bar, and harness options available out there. Life of a Kiter is great bonus section that teaches you the stuff you need to know after your sessions are over: how to tune your 4 and 5 line bar, how to repair your kite canopy, how to repair a kite bladder, how to do minor board repairs. You won't get this stuff anywhere else. These and other bonus sections all add up to a slam-dunk of a kiteboarding instructional video. Do yourself a favor - learn easily, quicky, and safely the first time, with a Real - Zero to Hero kite camp.

Zero 2 Hero - DVD -- $29.95
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Or get the entire Real instructional series in a convenient 5 Pack:

Real Kiteboarding 5 DVD Series -- $129.95
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