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Boost II

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The Ultimate Sport- The Ultimate training Videos ....

"BOOST II", A radical "HOW- TO" Kiteboarding video shot from every possible angle, special mounts, jetskis, helicopters ...........

Talk about getting your money's worth, it's 2 volumes on one DVD. From beginner to advanced this is a video that will take you from the bottom to the top, from flying a kite to landing multiple jump loops. Boost was filmed on Maui and stars kitesurfing's best riders. They unselfishly share their TRADE secrets with you. Riders such as Mauricio Abreau, Jeff Howard, Max Bo, Pete Cabrinha, Chris Calthrop, Chris Gilbert, Pascal Hardy, Fadi Issa, Elliot Leboe,  Robby Naish, Mauricio Toscano, Lou Wainman, plus many others. 
This film get's four thumbs up......a film by kiteboarders for kiteboarders.

Boost II - Out of Stock


Action Intro
Pumping Kite
Correct Tension
2 line set up
4 line setup
Kids& Kiting
Flying a Stunt kite
Body Dragging
Reel Bar
Rigging & Using FOILS
Assisted Launch
Self Launch
Assisted Landings
Self Landings
Hot  "Flash" Action  Section-
Over/under powered- Control
Edging Techniques
How to Gybe
POV Gybing Footage
Jumping Basics
Max Bo on Advanced jumping/control.
Action ending
Plus lots More...

60 Minutes


Action Intro  
Elliot on correct Equipment
Bar Length
How the boards work
Bindings, Stance on board
Launch Techniques with Chris Gilbert Edging Techniques
Lou Wainman Action Section
Overpowered and Underpowered
Basic Jumping
Crash control techniques
Body dragging upwind
Heel side turns
Chris Gilbert on turning
Lou Wainman on turning toeside
Elliot Leboe on big jumps
Fadi & Chris on front and back looping
Elliot on spinning errors
Lou on handle passes
Mauricio on passes and visualization
Wave jumping and riding with the crew Elliot on riding waves & tube riding Wave riding Technique
Plus lots More........

60 Minutes

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