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Red Bull Storm Chase


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What started as a four month global hunt ended in a two year long journey with Ireland, Tasmania, and Cornwall as the final destinations. The criteria were simple: winds greater than force 10 and ten world-class windsurfers from eight different countries (including four world champions). Experience a frenzied and passionate fight against giant waves and storm force gusts. Red Bull Storm Chase has delivered a new era of windsurfing performance. Previously, nobody thought it was possible to even sail in the strength of storm-force winds that each mission delivered. So Red Bull Storm Chase proved to be the most challenging windsurfing contest in the history of the sport. Get the inside line on how the storms were chased with the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Look deep into the souls of the riders as they face their fears and push the limits of wavesailing time after time.

Duration: 40 minutes and extras

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Red Bull Storm Chase (standard DVD)- Xmas Special: $20.00, (reg. price $34.95)


Red Bull Storm Chase on Blu-Ray disc- $45.95 (sorry, out of stock)



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