pwa world tour 2006, pwa max cover

PWA World Tour 2006

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Come on board and join the best windsurfers on the planet on their action-packed ride around the world. From the Indoor in London we`ll take you to Israel, Austria, Portugal, Spain, the Canary Islands, Turkey, Sylt and of course, Maui, Hawaii. Watch the latest tricks and witness how world champions are crowned in Wave, Freestyle, Slalom and Super X.

Yeah, yeah, that's what it says on the DVD box. Of course it's got all that. It's the PWA Tour highlights video after all. That said, this year's video is better...way better. And here's why; This year Tonix Pictures from Germany (Plug 'n Play, FWD Hawaii, Plug 'n Play 2, Cabo Verde) filmed and produced the Tour video. These guys were born and bred on windsurfing, and then got into capturing it all on film. That makes all the difference. Now the Tour video is filmed and produced by a complete team of guys who carry their passion for windsurfing behind the lens with them, and into the edit room. The result is a great blend of all the insane action that went on this year on the Tour presented in a way that tells the story, the who, what, where, and whoa, that was insane. Best Tour video yet.

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