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PWA World Tour 2003

Catch all the freestyle, wave, and race action that happened on the 2003 Professional Windsurfing Association World Tour, including the new demolition derby racer-cross type Super-X event that turned out to be a huge success. This is a very professionally produced video and shows both the men's and women's highlights at places like Vargas, Costa Brava, Fuerteventura, Leba, Sylt, Bonaire, and always the best - Pozo.

For those of you who have seen PWA tour highlights produced by Chilli Video in the past, this one is a bit different. It is not all action edited to music, with no indication who is riding or where, or what the results were. This is more of a true recap of the events with more rider information. You will actually know what happened on the tour from this video. But don't worry, the action is top-notch.

Just the insane new-school freestyle moves alone are reason enough to get this video.

PWA World Tour 2003 - $9.95

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