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Where to begin about this one...windsufing in India and climbing K2 all in the same video. Let me first say that this is by far the most unique video that we have. A good explanation would be to start by saying that this is a new DVD by New World Spirits. If you have not experienced (and I say 'expereinced', not 'watched' or 'seen', because that's what it is, an experience) their other DVD, 5 Elements, then perhaps you should start with that one first. Fans of New World Spirits will be clammoring to get more of his fantastic video style.

OM starts out with a journey to climb K2 and then ends with a journey to windsurf the coast of India. The climbing footage and the windsurfing footage are not the point of this video, it is the journey, the culture, the people along the way that capture the imagination. This is a world apart, places that exist, but are hard to imagine from our Western perspective. How this video captures these sights and sounds through total immersion is indescribeable. I have said that the videos by New World Spirits are like windsurfing meets National Geographic. This time it's even beyond that. If you want pros ripping, then do not buy this video. If you want sights for the mind and soul, then check it out.

OM - $29.95

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