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PWA 2003FWD - Hawaii

and 4 Play by Quatro

Available NOW!

New for 2006, another big DVD from Tonix, makers of Plug ‘n Play. Catch the life and times of young windsurf businessmen Keith Taboul, Francisco and Lalo Goya and all their ripper friends as they push the limits of the sport today.

Spots: Hawaii, Portugal, Spain, Gran Canaria, Indo, Germany, and Denmark.

Riders: Goya (F), Goya (L), Teboul, Ojeda, Steineck, Stone (Josh), Diffin, Ponichtera, Prior, Stone (Jason), Campello, Seadi, Guilloul, Siver (Levi), Siver (Luke), Fernandez, Ceballos, Polakow, Katchadourian.

And if that's not enough, there's such a huge bonus section that it's actually another full length program called 4 Play - Trippin' in Indonesia by Quatro.

"FWD-Hawaii is about a new revolution in windsurfing; a revolution in the business aspect and a revolution and evolution in pushing the limits of windsurfing - putting many talented riders, their styles, and their lifestyles on tape so you can be a part of it!!!" -- Keith Taboul / Professional Windsurfer & Board Shaper

FWD-Hawaii - DVD:
price: $34.95

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