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Below the Surface


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Award-winning Producer Andre Paskowski (Four Dimensions, Minds Wide Open) presents his latest masterpiece BELOW THE SURFACE that’s aimed for even higher cinematography standards. Focusing on former World Wave Champion Victor Fernandez and friends – freestyle legend Goliito Estredo, Marcilio Browne, Klaas Voget and up-and-coming star Alessio Stillrich - this new filmmaking masterpiece concentrates on pure beauty in action, landscape and the ultimate sports lifestyle.

Produced by: Andre Paskowski, Carolina Butrich
Camera: Manuel Grafenauer, Sebastian Dörr, Andre Paskowski
Editing: Sebastian Dörr
Riders: Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Klaas Voget, Alessio Stillrich, Marcilio Browne
Locations: Maui, Peru, Brasil, Gran Canaria, and more

Media: DVD
Duration: 40 minutes and extras

We will have more description of this video posted later, but if you have not already heard of this video, it is Andre Paskowski's last video and continues his legacy and influence in the sport of windsurfing forever.



We cannot merely list the standard line on this video and end it with the "Add to Cart" button. That would be selling Andre Paskowsi short, and what he has done for the sport of windsurfing. Many people already know his amazing story, but in case you don't, Andre fought a very courageous and public battle with cancer for the past several years. All throughout the production of his game-changing movie Minds Wide Open, and now Below the Surface, he was undergoing treatment, often interrupting his filming schedule. Andre was already a PWA level freestyle sailor and would stop at nothing to bring his beloved sport of windsurfing to everyone through his films. In an era where economics of windsurfing and the advent of YouTube and short internet videos rendered the windsurfing DVD an endangered species, Andre not only kept producing DVDs, but some of the best ever made - and without big-ticket sponsors. Everyone from the riders featrued in the videos, to his production team, to everyone who has watched one of his films, are forever indebted to Andre and his vision. While unfortunately this is his last film, I hope the influence he has had on the sport will allow his legacy to continue into the future.


Below the Surface is available as a standard DVD but, for the first time in windsurfing, is also available on Blu-Ray disc, which is also bundled with Minds Wide Open.


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Below the Surface (standard DVD)- Xmas Special: $20.00, (reg. price $34.95)




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