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If you've seen or have the other video we carry from New World Spirits - Camanchaca, then you HAVE to get this one. Just scroll down and buy it now - end of story.

For the rest of you, I'll do my best to describe it. First thing I'll say is, this is one of my favorite videos in our line-up. I can watch it over and over again and not get tired of it. It transports me into another world, into some sort of trance-like state, like no other video can. I love this video.

But don't get this video if you want to see non-stop action and the latest insane maneuvers by the world's top pros - there aren't any. And don't get this video if you want to see amazing tropical locations where you can sip pina coladas by the poolside inbetween epic sessions - there aren't any. But do get this video if you want to see the compilation of several of the most epic windsurfing travel adventures ever undertaken.

Thomas Miklautsch, one of the most free-spirited windsurfers ever, travels to (and you're reading these correctly) The Amazon, Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, The Andes, and even...San Francisco, among other places. And in so doing he somehow not only windsurfed some indescribable conditions, but he managed to get it all on film in a National Geographic documentary meets windsurfing sort of way. Simply amazing. This video is a journey unto itself. I can't describe it anymore, you just have to watch it.

5 Elements - $14.95

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