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3 Movies In One: Alive / Jump / Resonance

Tonix Pictures out of Germany knows how to get us stoked again; give us the goods, and lots of it, for a killer price. Alive, Jump, and Resonance are three new stand-alone videos now all combined onto one DVD, with a bunch of extra stuff too!

Alive - The Francisco Goya Story
From the small River Plate in Argentina to the top of the windsurfing world, this is a rags-to-riches story unrivaled in many other sports. Francisco is known for his free-form passionate and innovative style, a style that often didn't serve him well in competion. But through perseverence and discipline he made it to where many people think he ought to be - Waveriding World Champion. Massive Hawaiian waves and unbelieveable moves

Extra features on training, family affairs, and competion.

Jump - Learn How to*
Tonix teamed up with some of the best jumpers in the world like Francisco Goya, Levi Siver, Kevin Ponichtera, and Andy Wolf to bring us all levels of jumping instruction. The jumps are split into several sensible catagories beginning with proper gear setup for jumping, then on to first trying small chop hops. Things progress from there into higher and higher jumps off the wave face, nose and tail first landings, one handers, getting more and more tweaked, front, back and push loops, and finally, some really crazy stuff like doubles. You've got to check these guys out going for doubles. It's actually getting to be a viable maneuver (if you're Francisco Goya).

* Some Notes:

This portion of the DVD is a shortened version of the VHS "Jump" video. Most of the verbal instruction is still in the DVD but in the interest of fitting all the content on the DVD much of the repetitive footage is left off. And the instruction in "Jump" is primarily visual. Also, most of the jumping takes place on wave boards in significant wind with easy ramps. After the short chop hop section the jumps covered rapidly increase in level of difficulty. While there currently is no other video comprable on jumping it is still not a comprehensive beginning jump video. In Side-Off Video's opinion, if this portion of the DVD interests you the most you may want to go with the VHS version.

In both English and German language.

Resonance - The Maui Project
The Maui Project: the company F2 hands over all its wave oriented product design and development to three young team riders - Kevin Ponichtera, Andy Wolff, and Levi Siver. This is the result. Check this high-powered team at locations like the Canary Islands, Ireland, Hawaii, and Tahiti. Sailing lights-out on their own wind and wave machines.

Extra features include Tahiti and Andy's Chili trip.

34U DVD - $14.95

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