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Small Craft Warning

L.E.P. (Leading Edge Productions) has issued a Small Craft Warning for your area. This video out of Canada will show you what is really happening in the world of kiteboarding. The non-stop action will have you wearing out the rewind button and prove that they're not just DANGLING any more.

Small craft Warning was shot on location in France, Baja, the Gorge, Maui and at some secret spots in Canada - in both DV and 8 MM film. Featuring: Adam Koch, Bertrand Fleury, Chris Gilbert, Chuck Patterson, Dave Tyburski, Jaime Herraiz, Jeff Tobias, Mark Doyle, Mark Shinn, Martin Vari, Mauricio Abreu, Robby Naish, Will James and many more.

Lots of great variety in both locations and riders. Features both freeride sessions and some contest moves from both The Gorge Games and the King of the Air, four-line riding and two. Slick editing and a good soundtrack make this a great all-around video. Bands include Swollen Members, Sweat Shop Union, Gladyss Patches, Classified, Pleasure, Jar, Treecar, Nextra Terrestrials, Dick Jaggers, and more.

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