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Sick Days

Sometimes, It's Just Too Windy to Work!

From Leading Edge Productions, makers of Small Craft Warning. Now you can call in sick when a good day hits, or, if you really are sick, then you've got some good entertainment for laying on the couch.

Sick Days is a well-rounded action video, meaning it's got a good variety of different pro riders and epic locations, two things that spell a good video. Main characters are Andre Phillip, Jaime Herraiz, Martin Vari, Ben Meyer, Dave Tyburski, sky Solbach, Adam Koch and many more. Locations include Baja, Austria, The Gorge, The Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and Canada.

On the heels of Small Craft Warning, Leading Edge has shot some killer footage, taken their editing from good to great, and selected a perfect soundtrack. Can't go wrong.

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