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PKRA World Tour 2002
"On Tour"

The PKRA 2002 World Tour DVD ON TOUR is a virtual cultural-travel experience, packed with adrenaline action of the highest quality, both on and off the water! The worlds competitive elite; including Mark Shinn, Martin Vari, Jaime Herraiz, Adam Koch, Sebastian Cattelan, Cindy Mosey, Ingrid Koelbichtler, Anke Kirchner and Laurel Eastman, pull -out all the stops, and demonstrate versatility and adaptability at each of the four International Tour stops!

The DVD is visually immersing, pulling the viewer into the dream-state of kiteboarding! Watch the battle, event by event, for the title of World Champion. Observe formats in Freestyle, Best Trick and Hang Time!

Besides the hot musical edit of action at each venue, the DVD boasts 40+ minutes of additional Features from the television programming Pro-Kiteboarding World Adventure. These include profiles from Paul Mitchell's Individual Style, and stories on wave riding, board styles and pro-tips!

There's not another DVD out there with this many names doing so many insane tricks and having this much fun! Don't miss out on the opportunity to see what it's like going ON TOUR!

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