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Hi, this is Spencer. I like to play Minecraft. My favorite thing to do is to build big, tall, awesome things. I never finish them though because I always start on something new first. I like architecture and Minecraft lets me experiment with architecture.

Minecraft is a game where you are plopped into a randomly generated world left to you and your survival skills. Defend yourself from monsters, live peacefully, accumulate wealth, or just build in creative mode. There are 3 modes that Minecraft has to offer Creative, Hardcore, and Survival. Creative mode is my personal favorite. If you don’t want to play alone you can look up servers. There are Creative, Hunger Games, Capture the Flag, Survival and more. this is my favorite site to look up servers http://minecraft-server-list.com (you can refine your search with the bars up at the top).
Minecraft is a customizable game, you can download mods, texture/resource packs, and create servers to enhance your game. It is really complicated with a mac not sure how it is for pc.
I will show you a basic Survival tutorial (it has multiple parts)

Hardcore is the same but if you die you are dead you can’t go to that world again you must delete it.

And here is a basic video of how to build a house in Creative.


I watch videos on YouTube about how to build things. Here is one I like: