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Waterproof Surf/Splash Housings

Here at Side-Off Video we have been making our own waterproof housings since 1992. And we have been building custom housings for other folks since 1997 as well. Our housings are made from fiberglass that fit your camera like a glove. You will not find a smaller profile housing anywhere. While our housings will work for shallow water diving, they are primarily for hardcore surf-specific use. They will take a giant wave on the head and not bat an eye (although you might). They are designed to be easy to swim with, easy to shoot with, and as small and light as possible. They are also feature purely mechanical controls and are disigned as simple as possible, which keeps the price way down. We can build a housing for any camera and any application, but we do specialize in a couple cameras in particular.

Thanks for checking us out.

Brian Caserio
Side-Off Video

Please browse around my housings pages and email me if you have any questions or needs.