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Elephant Seals
of Piedras Blancas DVD

This video chronicles a year in the life of the newest and fastest growing colony of northern elephant seals ever recorded; the Piedras Blancas colony on the Central Coast of California.

cali map Elephant seal haulouts occur in very few and specific places along the west coast of California and Baja, mostly on inhospitable offshore islands. Located at the extreme southern end of California's Big Sur coastline near the communities of San Simeon and Cambria, this is one of only two existing large mainland colonies. In the mid 1800's they were hunted to near extinction. This video captures all the exciting activity of this rapidly expanding colony, which is the latest chapter in a remarkeable comeback otherwise unheard of in the animal world.

While these animals, the largest of the pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, & walruses) are onshore they fight for dominance, give birth, nurse, and mate during the winter breeding season, and play, sleep, and shed their fur in the spring and summer molting season. Elephant Seals of Piedras Blancas captures all of these activities for you two watch and hear. And you'll experience some of the dangers that come with the territory, including some of the strain that results when wild animals decide to call a picturesque beach near the highway their home.


Weaned Elephant Seal Pup
Of course it's where elephant seals go and what they do when they're not at the colony that probably fascinates us the most. From diving a mile beneath the surface, to holding their breath for well over an hour, to travelling untold thousands of miles each year in a double migration, this video will fill you up with these and other incredible adaptations.

Elephant Seals of Piedras Blancas was shot and edited in digital format, including professional sound design so every sight and sound of the colony joins you in your living room (without the odor or salt spray, that is). Interviews with several top biologists and others bring our fascination with these seals to life. This is an excellent educational video for people of all ages, as well as an exciting way to share the magic of one of the most incredible animals on land or sea.

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Peak Breeding Season
running time: 72 minutes
produced by Side-Of Video
filmed and edited by Brian Caserio
narration by Jim Lundin
original soundtrack by David "Hodge" Lodge