seal pups
Recently weaned elephant seal pups rough-housing.
The Seals

It's just a guess, but probably over 90% of an elephant seal's time on the beach is spent simply laying around. This makes them seem like quite possibly the laziest animals on earth. But looks are deceiving, and this may be why the elephant seal is such a fascinating creature. With these guys expect the unexpected. Nothing against other pinniped species but elephant seals are unique in almost every way: their size, their nose, where they go, how deep they dive, their secret double life, their indifference towards humans, you name it.

On these web pages about elephant seals I have attempted to be factual, but at the same time I have taken liberties to interpret these facts in my own way in hopes that I can bring more meaning to them for you (fact is, pure facts are just boring). Also, my observations are limited to what happens and has happened at the Piedras Blancas colony specifically. Many other colonies may have individual differences. And, most importantly, what we know about elephant seals changes all the time. What we may think is an undeniable fact about them today, may be debunked upon further research in the future. Because of this I try not to state facts too authoritatively, and always leave them open for discussion or possible modification by experts at a later date.

Finally, if you have some interesting facts or stories of your own, please let me know. And if you find any mistakes let me know too. I've been known to be wrong about things before (well, just once anyway).