Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals is an informative book (released November 1999) written by Carole and Phil Adams, who are both volunteer guides for Friends of the Elephant Seal at the Piedras Blancas colony. They love these seals so much that they're donating all, yes all, their proceeds from the sale of their book to the FES program.

This is a small, inexpensive, and rugged paperback that you can take anywhere, especially on a visit to the seal colony. It's small, but it's packed with 60 pages of fascinating information about elephant seals. There is lots of discussion about the general behavior of elephant seals as well as several pages are dedicated to the recent development of the Piedras Blancas colony. It's a perfect quick-reference guide that you'll want to share with your friends.

Price: $6.95
Shipping: $2.00 First Class, $4.50 Priority Mail
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Giant Bull Vocalizing: "I love this book!"